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Best places to visit in Moka Mauritius during your holidays | 2022

February 15, 2022


Places to visit in Moka during your holidays

The Moka village has been wonderfully developed and constructed for the locals, with amazing sceneries. It is also the home to the President of Mauritius.

Eureka House

Eureka house was once a grand mansion in the year 1800 has now been transformed into a historical museum. This majestic place hosts various antiques, furniture and has 109 doors along with servant quarters!


Fancy a good coffee and an amazing breakfast?

Head over to MOKA’Z which is located in Helvetia and treat yourself to one of the best food there!

We assure you that once you taste what’s on the menu, you will never forget the flavours!

Hike at Le Pouce Mountain

One of the most popular hikes in Mauritius can be done at Le Pouce, the third-highest mountain on the island.

The hike offers one of the most stunning views of the capital: Port Louis, as well as of Moka and the high grounds of Plaines Wilhems.

L’Escale Creole

L’Escale Creole – Mauritian authentic cuisine and culture in the same place. You will have a magnificent culinary experience to help you discover our Mauritian culture and local food.

Beautifully nestled in a garden, you will taste homemade dishes prepared by this family restaurant. Local dishes like “vindaye poisson”, “rougaille” and chicken curry will be present along with exceptional hospitality and service.

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