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Best restaurants for vegetarians in Mauritius | 2022

February 8, 2022


Best vegetarian restaurants in Mauritius

Are you a vegetarian and you want to travel to Mauritius? Maybe you are having doubts about whether the food culture will suit your way of life in our country.

Don’t worry! Our island has embraced the vegetarian lifestyle too and we have chosen the 5 best restaurants where you can satisfy your appetites.

Eat with Fingers Restaurant

Located in the busy city of Grand Baie, Eat with Fingers offers delicious vegan meals. The food is healthy, homemade, and is perfect for gluten & lactose intolerance.

Pure Veg

Like the brand name, Pure Veg is 100% vegetarian providing a variety of food specialities (Indian, Italian, Chinese, and continental cuisine). Pure Veg is located in the centre of Belle Rose. You cannot miss it!

Bon Manzer – Anantara

Organic, gluten-free, and low-calories wines! Not only will you be able to enjoy live-cooking from the top chefs, but healthy and vegan food will be present too at Bon Manzer – Anantara!

Sitar Indian Restaurant

Why not try Indian food as well?

The Sitar restaurant is situated in Bagatelle; one of the most popular malls of Mauritius. The restaurant offers the finest North Indian food with a classical and soothing ambience. There is often live music during dinners as well.

Mauritius Street Food

Dholl Puri is definitely our national dish. Made with thin flatbread stuffed with yellow split peas, it is served with curry, rougaille, chutney and pickles. It was first produced by Indian immigrants and has embodied our Mauritian touch.

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