Embracing our entrepreneurial spirit

We embrace our entrepreneurial spirit and view this crisis as an opportunity to rethink and redefine Mauritius tourism as a more sustainable economic model.

Embracing our entrepreneurial spirit

In the midst of the economic downturn, we are facing hard questions on how to revive the tourism industry in Mauritius. The tourism sector is one of the main economic pillars of the island, involving both formal and informal employment of thousands of individuals. We view this crisis as an opportunity to rethink and to redefine a more sustainable model.


The unprecedented fall driven by the COVID19 has surprisingly not shaken our optimism. We understand as a nation that to recover to levels reached before the pandemic may take a few years.

This situation reminds us of our fight for our independence as a British colony, a time when world-renowned economists thought that it was a wrong decision. They firmly believed that lost in the middle of nowhere, it would be practically impossible for Mauritius to sustain economically.

A few decades later, it turned out that Mauritius is among the most dynamic economies of the African region and has been ranked first in Africa by the World Bank in the Ease of Business Index.

We strongly believe in our fabric, in the struggle of our forefathers who crossed the seas in terrible conditions as slaves or as indentured labourers, full of hopes for a better future or to escape poverty. Our solidarity as Mauritians is specific to the country’s history.

As families settled, ties were created, and the fabric of a new society emerged through the diversity of languages and religions, with a common goal. We are able to put aside our differences and work hand in hand.

Mauritius has been remarkable in its attempt to smother the spread of the virus. Despite that there are no new cases that have been registered over the past week, local authorities are cautious and prefer to proceed with a gradual loosening of the lockdown.


We, at Mauritius.com, have ditched Netflix and stress-baking to develop new strategies to better respond to our clients’ needs. We are looking forward to being active role players in the new economic model to support the tourism sector and keep our business thriving!

Together we hold more than fifty years in the holiday booking and hospitality sectors, and we are ready to bring new energy to this post-coronavirus era for you to enjoy the very best of what Mauritius has to offer, a haven and human experience in an abounding nature…

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