Local businesses perspective of the COVID-19 era

Local business's perspective as Mauritius fully integrates with the 'new normal" with temperature checks, hand sanitiser and face masks becoming the norm.

Local businesses perspective as Mauritius reopens

While economists across the world offer a grim forecast for the global economy, we are tiptoeing towards the revival of local businesses. Adventure parks are reopening and locals clad in their winter gear are seizing the opportunity to have a break before school starts.

We are reminded of the reopening phase as each shop and business is equipped with a thermometer for a temperature check and hand sanitiser. Face masks remain compulsory in public places and locals are adjusting to the new normal.

Mauritians stranded abroad are all now being assisted to fly back to the island. It has been a challenging journey for many in coping with lockdown measures.

A break from the news

As the Arctic warms up and the heat waves hit Europe, Mauritius is blessed with cool weather this winter with the occasional drizzle on the plateau, the ideal weather for family gathering and Sunday meals.

The winter fav here is  ‘halim,’ a vegetable and meat stew with oriental flavours topped with chives giving the dish an exciting brightness.

Cautious optimism

We, at mauritius.com, are navigating the new protocol setup by the local authorities to welcome our guests for a memorable experience in Mauritius.

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