Mauritius Island Tourism Updates

Mauritius island and its tourism industry have successfully and safely welcomed over 80,000 tourists to our shores since the reopening of Mauritius' borders.

Mauritius Tourism Updates

Mauritius island and its tourism industry have successfully and safely welcomed over 80,000 tourists to our shores since the reopening of Mauritius' borders to fully vaccinated visitors on October 1st, thanks to a methodical travel, arrival, and follow-up strategy. Bookings through the end of the year are looking incredibly encouraging, with a forecasted average gain of 25% in tourists arrivals.

The decision to reopen the borders and revisit Covid restrictions for both Mauritians and visitors as part of a meticulously planned gradual approach, in alignment with the country's policy of emphasizing the health of its population. Only the country's outstanding vaccination campaign allowed for the reopening of Mauritius as a tourism destination.

Mauritius island health officials and authorities are continuing to conduct a robust COVID-19 response, with booster doses for people who have already been vaccinated twice taking precedence. The vaccination of teenagers aged 15 to 18 is also well initiated. Mauritius island has one of the highest rates of vaccination in the world in regard to people who received the vaccine against Covid-19, with about 85% of the adult population having received both vaccines.

Infection rates have recently risen in the country, which unfortunately forms part of the new normal in most countries where restrictions have been relaxed. To curb the spread, the government has ordered the temporary closure of schools, as well as the implementation of other sanitary measures, mostly aimed at limiting big gatherings of people. All of this is done while significantly increasing the booster vaccination program and campaign for the younger population.

The public health officials are confident in their aptitudes to deal with the current spike in infection rates and will continue to follow world-leading scientific recommendations in this regard.

Regarding the tourism sector, sanitary measures in the hospitality sector remain the priority and it is continually maintained to the top standards, guaranteeing that the general public and international travelers are protected to the greatest extent possible from the virus. Visitors coming to Mauritius can plan vacations with the assurance that their excursions will be pleasant, safe, and secure.

Quote from Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism, Hon. Steven Obeegadoo:

“In Mauritius, we continue to prioritise the health of our population, and our staggered reopening was part of this carefully planned policy. Since the reopening of our borders on the 1st of October, we have safely welcomed over 80,000 travelers to date, and look forward to welcoming many more to our home. To that effect, next week Mauritius will be hosting a familiarisation trip, with tour operators from France, UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, India, Reunion, South Africa, and Kenya who will come to discover more of our beautiful country.”

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