Tourism Industry Joint Statement Public And Private | 2021

Mauritius, along with nine other destinations in Southern Africa, have been added to a temporary "scarlet" list following the french government decision.

Joint statement by the public/private tourism sector committee

Tourism Industry update

(Port Louis, 2 December 2021) The travel and tourism industry in Mauritius recognizes the French government's decision to place Mauritius, along with nine other destinations in Southern Africa, on a temporary "scarlet" list.

This announcement happens at a particularly inopportune moment for the Mauritian travel and tourism sector, two months after our borders were reopened to vaccinated international travellers. We're currently analysing the impact of this decision on one of our largest market, France, at a moment when reservations for the end of the year were looking particularly promising and positive.

Despite the statement by the French government, Mauritius remains open as a travel and tourism destination, and we will continue to welcome travellers who wish to explore or revisit our island while adhering to the existing health guidelines. Travel and tourism companies will continue to make every effort to keep their staff and guests safe.

The appropriate French authorities are in contact with the local officials and authorities. Representatives from the joint public-private travel and tourism committee have also solicited an official meeting with Her Excellency Florence Caussé-Tissier, the French Ambassador. Following that will be official meetings with other diplomatic representatives.

As a reminder, the Government of Mauritius has always emphasized the protection of the health of Mauritius' citizens, residents, and visitors. Mauritius has halted air connections with a number of nations because of the emergence of the Omicron strain.

The island of Mauritius is well prepared and protected from the import of Covid-19. Our public health measures are widely regarded as top quality standards, and we have an amazingly high vaccination rate, including over 89 per cent of the adult population being vaccinated. Vaccination of tourism professionals was emphasized, which signifies that only vaccinated employees specifically welcome and service visitors.

The travel and tourism sector actively supports the national vaccination campaign, which has recently been expanded to also include young people under the age of eighteen, as well as the launch of a third shot booster vaccination program that has already benefited over 100,000 Mauritian people.

In the face of this challenging situation, the Mauritian tourism family stays unified. We encourage the French government to review this decision as soon as possible in order to minimize the effects on an industry that employs over 150,000 people and is only now recovering its foundation.

Official source statement

Nilen Vencadasmy, Chairman of the MTPA

Jean-Michel Pitot, Chairman of AHRIM

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