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Dodo the legendary bird of Mauritius

September 2, 2021


Discover the history of the Dodo the legendary bird of Mauritius

The tales of the Dodo bird, the legendary extinct bird that appeared on our island some 300 years ago are told in all schools as well as in museums.

Weighing 50 pounds with short wings and a bulky body, this extinct bird lost its inability to fly on the island.

After the Portuguese set foot in the year 1505, the island quickly attracted many ships from various countries.

In 1598, the Dutch used the country as a penal colony, which reduce the population of this legendary bird even further. And, after 100 years, the fabled bird was driven to extinction and the last Dodo bird was eventually killed in 1681.

This is where the proverb: “Dead as the Dodo” came from and is being used widely. Our mythical creature was also seen in the story “The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland” (1864). Internationally, this majestic bird is widely associated with tales of the Indian Ocean.

This legacy of this flightless bird lives in the heart of every Mauritian and to make sure that its tales are never lost, so many skilled local artisans have designed and crafted accessories, plush toys, and souvenirs to remind us of our fabled bird. Countless boutiques and shops all around the island have this national symbol as a perfect souvenir.

You can also have a historical Dodo visit and view the skeleton of this historical bird at the National History Museum in Port Louis.

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