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Easing of travel restriction between Reunion Island and Mauritius | 2022

February 16, 2022


Easing of travel restrictions between Mauritius and Reunion island: Mauritian operators relieved

Port-Louis 16 February 2022 – In a press release issued on Monday 14 February, the Reunionese prefecture announced that “the special provisions made by ministerial decree restricting travel between Reunion island, Mauritius island and South Africa are revoked. Travel between these two destinations is subject to the general principle laid down for the colour zone to which they belong: orange for Mauritius and South Africa”.

For Mauritius, classified in the “orange” zone, the softening of the prefecture’s position has come as a relief to Mauritian tourism operators, who are already preparing to welcome back tourists from the sister island in full compliance with current health standards.

“The Reunion market is crucial for Mauritian tourism. We are happy that this decision has been reviewed. We look forward to welcoming back our brothers and sisters from Reunion island and renewing the strong ties that unite us. The economies of both our countries are bound to benefit, as Mauritius is one of the most important sources of revenue for Reunion island travel agencies,” said Arvind Bundhun, CEO of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority.

Click here for the french version and official communique from the Mauritian Tourism Promotion Authority

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