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Mauritius cooking the great local dishes – 2021

September 2, 2021


Mauritius Cooking Essentials

We strive to make this space a wonderful source of cool ideas. If you are planning a trip to Mauritius, you are at the right place!

Mauritius provides unparalleled beauty with its jagged mountain peaksvolcano cratersgreen landscapes and sun-drenched beaches. There is something for everyone in every season. The island is also famed for its local cuisine. Speaking about local cuisine, special tools are essential to get the taste and the texture right. We have gathered a few of our favs to share with you.


A tempo is more than a pressure cooker. It tells stories and creates memories. As you cycle past typical villages late afternoon, you may hear it whistling. It is used to cook lentils, dhall, vegetables and meat with the right consistency. It is also used to cook curry or “Kari” as it’s called in Mauritian.


We all love crepes, pancakes and especially the local versions, savoury dholl puri, farata and roti. They are best cooked on a tawa which is similar to a pancake pan but with a thicker base. If you are a foodie and enjoy cooking, you may want to take a tawa home.


The ros kari is a cuboid stone used to grind spices with a rolling pin in stone. Among multiple preparations ground on the ros kari are fresh tomato chutney and masala paste. As the pin rolls, a charming chime fills the atmosphere with a convivial feel and the fresh home-made curry paste wraps the air with a comforting smell with delicate spicy extracts.

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