Mauritius is Open! | 2021

July 30, 2021


Mauritius is Open!

We are excited to announce that Mauritius is open for visitors and travellers again after months of lockdown. Mauritius was among the top countries that handled the pandemic correctly with the right precautionary measures. Several mechanisms were put in place to keep the population safe such as the vaccination program and today, the country is able to reopen its borders to welcome new travellers.

Mauritius is opening in two phases as per the below details.

Hotel holiday as from 15 July to 30 September 2021

Fully vaccinated travellers will have their own safe haven in COVID19 certified hotels. For 14 days, tourists will have access to hotel facilities and the beach. If their PCR test is negative on day 14, they will then be free to explore the beauty of the island.

Unvaccinated guests will have to stay in an official quarantine hotel. For 14 days, they will be restricted to their room and meals will be delivered to their room. They will have a PCR test done once they have arrived, on day 7 and on day 14 as well. If the test is negative on day 14, they will then be able to move freely around the country.

The full reopening of the island as from 1st October 2021

Vaccinated guests will have full access to the island provided that their PCR results are negative within 72 hours of departure. They will be able to discover Mauritius and all the attractions with zero restrictions.

However, unvaccinated travellers will have to be restricted to their hotel rooms for 14 days under supervision. You can read more about the latest updates on the Mauritius Tourism website or MauritiusNow.

You can read more about the latest updates on the Mauritius Tourism website or Mauritiusnow.

We look forward to seeing you enjoying the island like before. You can book your hotels and book directly on our website.


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