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Mauritius Reopens Today… | 2021

June 15, 2020


Mauritius Reopens Today… But Keeps Its Borders Shuttered

Businesses reopen today June 15th, allowing most residents to return to a pre-crisis way of life. On the other hand, travel bans are maintained.

The tourism and hospitality industry is redefining its model and hotels are for the time being focusing on the local market to sustain.

A sense of normalcy can be felt despite the facemask being a staple today and the sanitary protocol observed by shops, cafes, restaurants and businesses. Some restaurants are opting for a soft version of their menu cards to reduce human contact where applicable.

Authorities have accelerated the school reopening following the zero-risk climate for July 1st, first scheduled for August 1st.

The island is COVID-free but has registered new cases among the quarantined travellers who are currently under medical supervision.

What’s New?

This month, the government announced the 2020-2021 budget also bearing new amendments pertaining to investment in the island. The investment threshold dropped for foreign investors willing to start up or to move their business to Mauritius.

At, our concierge team can provide expert advice from our partners, to steer you in the right direction, on the setting up of businesses in Mauritius.

The Travel Bubble Trend

Flights to and from Rodrigues Island will operate shortly, for local passengers to bolster the economy. Rodrigues remains COVID-free and has an abundance of options for all travellers, whether one is a thrill-seeker or a foodie.

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