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Tea Route Exclusive Trip In Mauritius – 2021

September 2, 2021


Tea lovers – this one is for you! Discover the tea route tour!

The Tea Route (La route du thé) is the perfect way to discover our tradition, in three key stages starting with Domaine des Aubinaux and finishes with Domaine du Bois Cheri.

This ideal tea route trip will take you back in time and will familiarise yourself with tea productions in Mauritius.

The first stop is at Domaine des Aubineaux which is located on the outskirts of Curepipe, in the central plateau of the island.

Domaine des Aubineaux is a historic colonial-style mansion built-in 1872.

The second stop is the Bois Cheri factory and plantation.

Bois Cheri is found in absolute nature and is the oldest tea plantation on the island. As you drive by the woods, you will witness the deers running and eating by the sideways.

You will have an interactive tour around the museum to make you familiar with tea history in Mauritius. After that, you will have the opportunity to a delicious tea tasting of different flavors (exotic fruits, vanilla, bergamot) in the chalet. You can even buy some tea bags of your favorite flavors in the boutique.

The last stop on this enriching trip is the Saint Aubin Residence , an architectural building that was once the original home of the plantation owners.

Authentic Mauritian dishes are served as lunch in the restaurant. Before ending your trip, don’t forget to have a memorable Rhum tasting session of different flavours such as coffee, coconut, and vanilla!

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