Mauritius Visa Requirements

Are you planning a trip to Mauritius? This article will help you determine whether you will require a Mauritian visa and will also help you through the visa application process.

A Visa is an official document provided by the Mauritius Immigration Office, Embassy, or Consular, certifying that an Immigration Officer has examined your application to enter Mauritius and confirmed that you are authorized to travel or transit to Mauritius for a certain purpose.

As a result, a Visa essentially authorizes the holder to travel to Mauritius up to a border checkpoint and does not imply that the bearer will be permitted to enter the country. The immigration officer, after a screening at the borders entrance in Mauritius, makes the final decision to accept a non-resident. He or she determines how long a traveller can remain in the country during any particular visit.

*Important Note:

Travellers who land with no visa (if usually required) may be brought back at their own responsibility by the transportation carrier to their place of origin or residence.

A valid certified passport is mandatory for all travellers coming to Mauritius (The validity of the passport must be at least six months beyond the intended period of stay)

Tourists travelling to Mauritius for other motives besides visits, tourism or tourism activities, or business purposes should acquire prior approval from the Passport and Immigration Office and apply for a visa before travelling to Mauritius:

  • Individuals coming to Mauritius take up employment
  • Potential students coming to Mauritius for study purposes
  • Travellers coming to Mauritius for religious purpose

The Different Types of Visas to enter Mauritius Island

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa enables a non-citizen to travel to Mauritius for a holiday over a certain period of time.

In particular circumstances, a maximum of (six) months may be authorized in a calendar year, subject to Immigration eligibility requirements.

Business visa

The Business visa authorizes non-citizens to travel to Mauritius for the specific reason of starting, operating, or investing in a business.

Businessmen are granted a maximum of 120 days in a calendar year, considering that the maximum stay during each trip is not more than 90 days and the non-citizen is not paid in Mauritius.

Social Visa

Non-citizens who are sponsored by socio-cultural associations are provided with a social visa for a maximum of 45 days to participate in any religious and social activities.

Non-citizens entering Mauritius for religious reasons should apply for and receive a social visa before departure.

Multiple Entry Visa

Only international businessmen and women with major economic importance in Mauritius who require a visa before visiting are eligible. Bona fide business individuals may be provided a multiple-entry visa for a maximum of 120 days in a calendar year, given that the stay during each trip does not exceed 90 days.

Transit Visa

Passengers travelling to a third country within 24 hours are eligible for this specific visa.

Medical Visa

Overseas visitors coming to Mauritius for medical treatment are given a medical visa if they will be treated at private health care facilities that have been officially registered with the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life under the Private Health Institutions Act.

On arrival, a medical visa is issued for the period of the treatment, but not for more than six (6) months.

Exemption from Visa:

  1. Persons who are citizens of Mauritius including those who are residents of Mauritius under the Immigration Act’s child, stepchild, or those who are legally adopted by individuals who are residents of Mauritius.
  2. Crew of Laissez-passer issued by the United Nations, SADC or from globally renowned institutions.
  3. The spouse of a citizen of Mauritius
  4. Holders of Diplomatic Passports other than those issued by the Government of Afghanistan, Algeria, Nigeria, Sudan and Yemen
  5. Citizens of Mauritius
  6. Persons who would like to reside in Mauritius solely for the duration of a ship’s stay on the island
  7. Persons who are residents of Mauritius under the Immigration Act

Who requires a Visa to visit Mauritius?

  • For passengers coming from countries where visas are not required — please see the Visa Requirement table at the bottom of this article.
  • Before travelling to Mauritius for any reason besides just tourism, visit, or commercial activities, all other travellers must first apply for a Visa/permit.

Mauritius Visa extra info

  • Non-citizens who enter Mauritius before obtaining a visa (if one is mandatory) may be repatriated at the expense of the transportation carrier.
  • Any individual who remains in Mauritius after the expiration of the term for which he acquired a visa or entry authorization, as the case may be, constitutes an infraction and is subject to legal action.
  • It is recommended that potential students travel to Mauritius only after their application for study or training in Mauritius has been confirmed.
  • Non-citizens who travel to Mauritius to celebrate their wedding should comply with the provisions of Section 24A of the Civil Status Act.
  • A non-citizen who intends to marry a Mauritian must meet the conditions of Section 19A of the Civil Status Act.
  • Non-citizens travelling to Mauritius for business may request for an Occupation Permit as an Investor, Entrepreneur, or Skilled Professional from the Passport and Immigration Officer through the Economic Development Board.

*Note: Visas And Extensions Of Stay Are Issued Free Of Charge.

Visa Application Mauritius

Application process

  • The individual must apply for a visa through one of Mauritius diplomatic or consular representatives.

List of Mauritius Diplomatic Missions Overseas

  • If no diplomatic or consular representatives are readily accessible, the application must be made to the Air Mauritius office.
  • When none of the aforementioned institutions are accessible, applications should be mailed to

Required document for Mauritius Visa application

  1. Visa Application Form duly filled in and signed by the applicant.
  2. Two recent passport-size photos of the applicant.
  3. Photocopy of the data pages of the applicant’s passport.
  4. A copy of the Residence Permit. (Applicable for applicants not residing in their country of origin). Same to be valid for at least three months after the proposed date of departure from Mauritius.
  5. Copy of passage ticket to country of origin or residence.
  6. Copy of bank statement for the last three months.
  7. Hotel Booking for accommodation (if sponsored by a Citizen of Mauritius, to produce evidence of sponsorship, Copy of ID and proof of address)
  8. In the case of a business visa, the applicant should also submit a letter from a local sponsor/company.
  9. In case of Minor:- Consent letter from parents, copy of the birth certificate of applicant and copy of parents’ passports.
  10. Any other documents as may be required by this office.

Additional information regarding Mauritius visa

Depending on the submission of all requirements for the application, a visa will be granted as soon as possible after five (5) business days.

The individual must apply at least one month before their travelling to Mauritius.

Admission to Mauritius is not assured by a visa. After an inspection at the point of arrival in Mauritius, the Immigration Officer shall also be responsible about whether or not to allow a traveller into Mauritius.

Prior to actually travelling to Mauritius, applicants should wait for the outcome of their application.

Visa Requirement Country wise
1AfghanistanVisa required prior to travel.
2AlbaniaVisa for sixty days on arrival
3AlgeriaVisa for two weeks on arrival
4AndorraVisa for sixty days on arrival
5AngolaNo visa required
6Antigua and BarbudaNo visa required
7ArgentinaNo visa required
8ArmeniaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
9AustraliaNo visa required.
10AustriaNo visa required.
11AzerbaijanVisa for sixty days on arrival.
12BahamasNo visa required.
13BahrainNo visa required.
14BangladeshVisa required prior to travel.
15BarbadosNo visa required.
16BelarusVisa for sixty days on arrival.
17BelgiumNo visa required.
18BelizeNo visa required.
19BeninNo visa required
20BhutanVisa for sixty days on arrival.
21BoliviaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
22Bosnia & HerzegovinaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
23BotswanaNo visa required.
24BrazilNo visa required.
25Brunei DarussalamNo visa required.
26BulgariaNo visa required.
27Burkina FasoVisa for sixty days on arrival.
28BurundiNo visa required.
29CambodiaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
30CameroonVisa for sixty days on arrival.
31CanadaNo visa required.
32Cape VerdeNo visa required.
33ChadNo visa required.
34ChileNo visa required.
35ChinaNo visa required.
36ColombiaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
37ComorosVisa for two weeks on arrival.
38Congo (Brazzaville)No visa required
39Central African Rep.Visa for sixty days on arrival.
40Democratic Rep. of CongoNo visa required
41Costa RicaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
42Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)Visa for sixty days on arrival.
43CroatiaNo visa required
44CubaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
45CyprusNo visa required.
46Czech Republic (ex Czechoslovakia)No visa required.
47DenmarkNo visa required
48DjiboutiVisa for sixty days on arrival.
49DominicaNo visa required.
50Dominican RepublicVisa for sixty days on arrival.
51EcuadorVisa for sixty days on arrival.
52EgyptNo visa required
53El SalvadorVisa for sixty days on arrival.
54Equatorial GuineaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
55EritreaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
56Estonia RepublicNo visa required.
57EthiopiaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
58FijiNo visa required.
59FinlandNo visa required.
60FranceNo visa required.
61GabonNo visa required.
62GambiaNo visa required.
63GeorgiaNo visa required
64GermanyNo visa required.
65GhanaNo visa required.
66GreeceNo visa required.
67GrenadaNo visa required.
68GuineaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
69Guinea BissauVisa for sixty days on arrival.
70GuatemalaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
71HaitiVisa for sixty days on arrival.
72HondurasVisa for sixty days on arrival.
73Hong KongNo visa required
74HungaryNo visa required.
75IcelandNo visa required.
76IndiaNo visa required.
77IndonesiaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
78IranVisa required prior to travel.
79IraqVisa required prior to travel.
80IrelandNo visa required.
81IsraelNo visa required.
82ItalyNo visa required.
83JamaicaNo visa required.
84JapanNo visa required.
85JordanVisa for sixty days on arrival.
86KazakhstanVisa for sixty days on arrival.
87KenyaNo visa required.
88KiribatiNo visa required.
89Korea (South Republic)No visa required.
90Korea (North)Visa required prior to travel.
91KuwaitNo visa required.
92Kyrgyzstan Rep.Visa for sixty days on arrival.
93LaosVisa required prior to travel.
94LatviaNo visa required.
95LesothoNo visa required.
96LebanonVisa for sixty days on arrival.
97LiberiaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
98LibyaVisa required prior to travel.
99LiechtensteinNo visa required.
100LithuaniaNo visa required.
101LuxemburgNo visa required.
102Macau SARNo visa required.
103Macedonia (ex Yugoslav Rep.)Visa for sixty days on arrival.
104MadagascarVisa for two weeks on arrival.
105MalawiNo visa required.
106MalaysiaNo visa required.
107MaldivesNo visa required.
108MaliVisa required prior to travel.
109MaltaNo visa required.
110MauritaniaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
111Marshall IslandVisa for sixty days on arrival.
112MexicoNo visa required.
113MicronesiaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
114MoldovaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
115MonacoNo visa required.
116MongoliaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
117MoroccoVisa for sixty days on arrival.
118MozambiqueNo visa required
119Myanmar (Burma)Visa for two weeks  on arrival
120NamibiaNo visa required
121NauruNo visa required.
122NepalVisa for sixty days on arrival.
123NetherlandsNo visa required.
124New ZealandNo visa required.
125NicaraguaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
126NigerVisa for sixty days on arrival.
127NigeriaVisa for two weeks on arrival.
128NorwayNo visa required.
129OmanNo visa required.
130PakistanVisa required prior to travel.
131PalauVisa for sixty days on arrival.
132Palestinian StateVisa required prior to travel.
133PanamaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
134Papua New GuineaNo visa required.
135ParaguayNo visa required.
136PeruVisa for sixty days on arrival.
137PhilippinesVisa for sixty days on arrival.
138PolandNo visa required.
139PortugalNo visa required.
140QatarNo visa required.
141RomaniaNo visa required.
142RwandaNo visa required.
143Russian Federation (Russia)No visa required.
144Saharawi RepublicVisa required prior to travel.
145Samoa (Western)No visa required.
146San MarinoNo visa required.
147Sao Tome & PrincipeVisa for sixty days on arrival.
148Saudi ArabiaNo visa required.
149SenegalVisa for sixty days on arrival.
150SeychellesNo visa required.
151Sierra LeoneNo visa required.
152SerbiaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
153SingaporeNo visa required.
154SloveniaNo visa required.
155SlovakiaNo visa required.
156Solomon IslandsNo visa required.
157SomaliaVisa required prior to travel.
158South AfricaNo visa required.
159SpainNo visa required.
160Sri LankaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
161Saint Kitts  and NevisNo visa required.
162Saint LuciaNo visa required.
163Saint  Vincent & GrenadinesNo visa required.
164SurinameNo visa required.
165SudanVisa required prior to travel.
166South SudanVisa required prior to travel.
167SyriaVisa required prior to travel.
168SwazilandNo visa required
169SwedenNo visa required.
170SwitzerlandNo visa required.
171TajikistanVisa for sixty days on arrival.
172TaiwanVisa for sixty days on arrival.
173TanzaniaNo visa required.
174ThailandVisa for sixty days on arrival.
175Timor LesteVisa for sixty days on arrival.
176TogoVisa for sixty days on arrival.
177TongaNo visa required.
178Trinidad & TobagoNo visa required.
179TunisiaNo visa required.
180TurkeyNo visa required.
181TurkmenistanVisa for sixty days on arrival.
182TuvaluNo visa required.
183UgandaNo visa required.
184UkraineNo visa required.
185United Arab EmiratesNo visa required.
186United KingdomNo visa required.
187United States of AmericaNo visa required.
188UzbekistanVisa for sixty days on arrival.
189UruguayVisa for sixty days on arrival.
190VanuatuNo visa required.
191VaticanNo visa required.
192VenezuelaVisa for sixty days on arrival.
193VietnamVisa for sixty days on arrival.
194YemenVisa required prior to travel.
195Yugoslavia (Serbia & Montenegro)Visa for sixty days on arrival.
196ZambiaNo visa required.
197ZimbabweNo visa required.


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