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Nature lovers top 3 places to explore in Mauritius

September 2, 2021


Discover the beautiful nature of Mauritius

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Mauritius is not only well-known for its sandy beaches but for its hidden gems as well.

Nature lovers: “And, into the forest, I go to lose my mind and find my soul…”

Here are 3 amazing places you could visit to obtain a sense of peace and harmony with nature.

Heritage Nature Reserve

Located in Bel Ombre, in the south of our tropical island, this heritage nature reserve offers adventurous activities to explore the historical scenes of Mauritius.

From the eco buggy tour to the Bay2Bay tour, this is your chance to discover the scenic landscape views of the South.

What’s unique about the reserve is that you can have an exclusive picnic within this natural setting while enjoying time with your family.

Black River Gorges National Park

Prepare your backpack and let’s go hiking!

Filled with hiking trails and indigenous plants, the national park is the largest protected forest in Mauritius having 4 entry points.

By going deeper into the challenging trails, you will even have the chance to see Alexandra Falls, surrounded by magnificent scenery!

La Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park

Valley des Couleurs is a must in Mauritius if you want to experience thrilling adventures!

From quad biking, zipline or a visit by private jeeps, you will be immersed in the panoramic landscapes with plains, mountains, valleys, and waterfalls.

Actively involved in ecotourism activities, Valley des Couleurs is the perfect getaway to build up great memories with friends and family.

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