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Ravenala Attitude Hotel – The Wonderful Otentik Experience | 2022

February 16, 2022


Ravenala Attitude Hotel Mauritius

One of the best resorts in Mauritius is The Ravenala Attitude Hotel, which is surrounded by greenery and lined with swaying palm trees. The property offers accommodation with beautifully designed rooms and suites. To make the stay comfortable for guests and their little ones, the property features a kids club, teen zone and a private mini theatre, where they can have some alone and fun time!

Mauritius has come a long way from its original claim to fame as a backpackers’ hub. Today a multitude of classic and modern luxury beach resorts in Mauritius cater to travellers who loathe scrounging on creature comforts.

With sprawling acreage, private stretches of beaches, candle-lit cabanas, multiple dining spaces, poolside bars and plush wellness centres, these resorts offer up an entirely different way to experience Mauritius’s laid back vibe. These Mauritius resorts are absolutely stunning and replete with all the modern amenities to make the stay memorable for you at the Ravenala Attitude Hotel.

The Restaurant

When it comes to dining, the Ravenala Attitude hotel is bliss! The in-house restaurants serve everything, from regional to global. Head to the stylish Spa poz in the resort to relax and rejuvenate.

However, if you are in the mood for relaxing, then Amburaya Spa is the place for you. The Guest Activities Centre, on the other hand, is another place where you can get your family activities, tours, transportation, dining reservations or any other queries that you may have.

The Activities

Ravenala attitude hotel offers a wide range of activities to liven up your holiday. Dining, paddle boarding, cycling or beach volleyball there’s something for all tastes and ages. For our youngest guests, a fun, colourful time is organised by the kids club so that the whole family can fully enjoy their stay in Mauritius.

The Ravenala Attitude hotel also offers several packages including a day package as well.

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