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Scuba diving one of the best experiences in Mauritius | 2021

September 2, 2021


Enjoy a superb scuba diving experience in Mauritius

Are you a thalassophile like us? Does discovering aquatic life in the deep ocean speak to you? If yes, then you’re in the right place! You can have the ultimate scuba diving experience during your holidays in Mauritius.

Our safe lagoon and crystal clear water provide a thrilling scuba diving experience and adventure for both beginners and experienced ones.

As you go deep into the ocean, you will encounter an abundance of fish life like the Trumpet, Boxfish, Mauritius Scorpion, and even sea turtles!

You will even encounter shipwrecks from the 18th century along your unique underwater journey.

You can go on deep-sea diving all year round although during the summer period, due to warm waters your eyes will be blessed with a once in a lifetime aquatic marine life.

Located near Flic en Flac, Cathedral is one of the most popular diving sites in Mauritius and is a must go!

Explore our coral reefs and amazing marine life at those best diving sites below:

  • Whale Rock
    ● Roche Zozo
    ● Colorado
    Coin de Mire
    ● Turtle Rock
    ● Water Lily
    ● Pigeon’s Rock
    ● Grand Baie

Don’t miss those spectacular diving spots above and share with us your unique scuba diving experience!

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