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The 5 popular Malls of Mauritius to explore

October 28, 2021


Malls of Mauritius discovery!

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Indulge in a compelling lifestyle shopping experience during your stay in Mauritius.

From Tommy Hilfiger to handmade and local products, be sure to visit those 5 popular malls below around the island!

Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius

Located in Moka, Bagatelle mall is of the most famous malls on the island.

With over 155 shops, the mall encompasses both local and international retailers. Bagatelle provides a complete shoppers’ experience with restaurants, cafes, movie theatres, and kid’s corners as well.

Caudan Waterfront

Located in the heart of our capital, Port Louis, the Caudan Waterfront will always remain one of the favourites’ malls of islanders.

From the craft market to a vibrant nightlife in the casino, this complex never fails to offer a memorable atmosphere.

La Croisette Mall

Welcome to La Croisette the biggest shopping mall on the island!

Spacious food court and fun entertainment opportunities, La Croisette leaves no stone unturned to provide an unparalleled mix of high fashion outlets and a unique multiplex cinema.

So-Flo Mall

The chic and elegant mall located in the center of the island!

With its unique natural surrounding, cozy is the first word which pops into mind for this trendy mall. It’s the perfect place to spend quiet time with your books in the coffee shops such as Paul, Illico and Mame.

Cascavelle Mall

Easily accessible by all, the Cascavelle mall is right on your way to Flic en Flac beach or even if you’re going to Tamarin.

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