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Top 4 quad biking thrilling adventures to enjoy in Mauritius!

September 2, 2021


Enjoy epic quad adventures in Mauritius!

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Another exhilarating activity that you can enjoy in Mauritius is quad biking!

We have come up with the top places where you can have a thrilling adventure; with friends, families, or even solo!

Casela Quad Adventure

Discover wildlife while quad biking on a real safari trip at Casela!

You will have the golden chance to observe the wild animals in their natural habitat such as zebras, deers, ostriches among others.

Vallée Des Couleurs Experience

An off-beaten track experience for you!

Extraordinary views of waterfalls and spectacular landscapes await on your quad biking journey at Vallée Des Couleurs.

This natural setting of mountains, plains, valleys, and forests will leave you awestruck.

Frederica Nature Reserve

Indulge yourself in the natural beauty of our island in Bel Ombre through quad biking.

This is your chance to have an authentic wildlife experience and discover the scenic landscape views of the South.

What’s unique about the reserve is that you can have an exclusive picnic within this natural setting while enjoying time with your family.

Big Foot Adventures

You can also choose from a full-packed adrenaline adventure that starts near Andrea Lodge.

Get your comfortable shoes out as you will drive on the south coast of the island through rough cliffs to eventually reach Rochester falls.

From there, the guide will take you to Cascade Leon, which is close to L’exil Lodge.

You will enjoy a picturesque view of stunning scenery across the island.

You can also choose full-day packages with lunch including forest rides and in sugar cane fields.

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