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Kids & Families – 4 Interesting places to visit with kids in Mauritius

September 2, 2021


Interesting places to visit with kids in Mauritius

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Are you planning a family vacation in Mauritius? Besides being a perfect honeymoon destination, Mauritius can welcome you for various memorable adventures for family and kids!

Here are 4 places which you can visit this summer:

Casela World of Adventures for the Kids

Get ready for an adventurous safari ride and discover the kingdoms of the big cats!

Casela World of Adventures is one of the most popular park attractions for children all around Mauritius. The park also offers fun and exciting activities such as quad biking, ziplines among other thrills.

There’s even a petting farm for smaller kids. When their little feet get tired, end the day at the restaurant with a succulent meal!

La Vanille Nature Park

Welcome to the world of reptiles at la vanille nature park!

Widely known as Crocodile Park, this Nature reserve is located in the south of Mauritius. Surrounded by tropical rainforest, the highlights of the Park are the crocodiles, from young to fully grown adults.

The park counts approximately 500 tortoises of all ages – yes, you will even have the opportunity to feed giant ones of 150 years old!

Curious Corner

Any curious minds out there?

Get excited to experience fun illusions in a fantasy world! Located next to the seven-coloured earth, Curious Corner is definitely a must-visit for the kids and family. The mirror maze and upside-down room await!

Mauritius Aquarium

Ideal for the kids, the Mauritius Aquarium offers a unique experience in the marine world.

Sharks, sea turtles, clownfish, and other aquatic animals will be present to entertain curious visitors in the charming village of Pointe aux Piments.

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