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We strive to make this space a wonderful source of cool ideas. If you are planning a trip to Mauritius, you are at the right place! Mauritius provides unparalleled beauty with its jagged mountain peaks, volcano craters, green landscapes and sun-drenched beaches. There is something for everyone in every season. The island is also famed […]

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Mauritius, for a truly relaxing break PAMPERING IN PARADISE Mauritius offers unique opportunities for relaxation. It boasts a variety of ways to rejuvenate mind, body and soul. Hotels and wellness centres feature indoor and/or outdoor spas specialised in body treatments, corrective skin care and anti-ageing treatment. The tropical décor adds to their tranquil atmosphere. RELAXATION […]

A wealth of natural wonders to soothe the soul and refresh the spirit

Beyond Postcard Views Mauritius is wrapped in a wealth of natural landscapes ranging from majestic volcanic mountain ranges to crater lakes. However, most advertised pictures of the island display the fine sandy beaches fringing its coastline and islets. There’re much more to discover than these idyllic postcard ocean views. The island is blessed with many […]

Divali in Mauritius

Colours, Sights and Sounds Cultural Mauritius Mauritius offers the possibility of sinking into the local culture with its various religious and non-religious celebrations, overwhelmed with colours, sights, sounds and tastes. Beyond its splendid white beaches and fine luxury resorts, festivals are a great way to experience the local culture of the island as they showcase […]

Mauritius Welcomes You With Open Arms

Culture And Authenticity Awe-Inspiring Mauritius Mauritius plays host to numerous natural and manmade attractions, offering a glimpse of its rich cultural heritage. The history of the island is fascinating as the people themselves. Travelers who take time to learn about the island’s blended cultures will be amazed by the intricacy of its diversity. The island’s […]

Watch for the event taking place during your stay!

Watch for the event taking place during your stay! Mauritius overflows with popular activities and festivals that celebrate the local cultural heritage January, February and March are the months that honour the island’s asian culture. Sankranti is celebrated intimately on the 14th of January and this event is followed by a number of colourful and festive traditional celebrations, like […]

History of Mauritius

History of Mauritius Portuguese & Dutch Period Mauritius is located in a very strategic place along the sea route between Europe and India. It has since then been a stopover for navigators. The Portuguese occupied the island between 1507 and 1513. The first settlement was though established by the Dutch between 1598 and 1710. They landed […]

Mauritius, the best holiday destination

Mauritius, the best holiday destination Mauritius is a picturesque spot which will simply mesmerize any visitor with its rich culture and nature. It is the perfect destination for holidays at any time of the year. Situated in the Tropics, the temperature is always warm here. The island is surrounded by beautiful sandy palm-fringed beaches and blue […]