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7 Good Reasons to book with Mauritius.com

It’s straightforward and easy: when you book with Mauritius.com, you can relax and appreciate a hassle-free, secure, and memorable vacation. Mauritius.com is a qualified travel agency that focuses solely on holidays in Mauritius. We work alongside our customers to build a customized schedule for your stay that combines convenience, security, and total satisfaction.

From start to finish, your holiday will be stress-free

Experience a hassle-free reservation process…

Book your holiday with us! Once you book your hotel with us, your activities, local transfers, and everything else on your itinerary can be planned by us. We provide you with all the essential travel documents, along with thorough guidelines about how to use them, after your trip is booked. The only thing that will be left for you to do is pack your bags and wait for your trip to Mauritius!

…as well as a pleasant holiday

Unwind in the gorgeous holiday atmosphere of Mauritius once you’ve landed! From arrival to departure, our on-site transfer collaborators are there for you. They will greet you at the airport and bring you to your hotel as soon as possible. They’ll assist you with any local transfers, advise you through changing accommodations if you are staying in more than one place, and support you if you run into any difficulties. During your holiday, the Mauritius.com team will always be available! You can contact us by phone, live chat, or email.

Your vacation is completely customizable and flexible.

Outline each element of your holiday…

Make no exceptions when it comes to your perfect holiday! Mauritius.com makes it easy to customize every aspect of your trip. Choose which beaches or locations you want to visit, how long you want to spend on each one, what kind of hotels you want, what activities you would like to do, how you want to move around, and even more. It is completely up to you to choose your travel itinerary! We make it happen for you!

…with the support and guidance of highly qualified professionals.

The Mauritius.com team is always ready to assist you in making the best choice, providing tips and advice, or just ensuring that your preferences are integrated in the most efficient way possible. You will be able to enjoy a tailored holiday with the assistance and reassurance of our experienced travel counsellors.

We provide several accommodations to suit all preferences and budgets.

Mauritius.com has a fine selection of the best hotels, resorts, apartments, villas, and guesthouses to choose from…

On our website, you can choose from a large selection of Mauritius hotels and accommodations. Reserve the one that you prefer and suits you best. We have several offers at different pricing points, where you’ll find several options to choose from. We can guarantee that each accommodation, whether it’s an apartment, a hotel, or a resort, satisfies the finest quality criteria, which we evaluate on a frequent basis with on-site audits. Mauritius.com offers the best for your stay, no matter when, how, or with whom you’re travelling.

Each property has a detailed profile with pictures of indoor and outdoor, a location and information about the nearby beaches, restaurants, and places of interest. Our experts captured the pictures and videos, guaranteeing that the accommodation is properly and genuinely presented. Have fun exploring our site and imagining your upcoming holiday in Mauritius!

Personal assistance and expert advice

Make use of our deep experience of Mauritius.

Did you know that the Mauritius.com team focuses solely on the island of Mauritius? As a result, we have extensive knowledge regarding Mauritius based on travels and feedback from multiple customers over several years. Each person in the organization is well-versed in the hotels and accommodations we provide and as such will be able to assist you in identifying the ones that best suit your preferences, finances, and requirements. We can also support you in combining your trip to Mauritius with a visit to Rodrigues, our sister island, and we’ll be happy to provide you with options for the best activities and excursions on the island.

Our qualified team can also support you with needs, such as wedding planning in Mauritius, travelling with a baby, or managing your dietary concerns. Just share what you need, and our local concierge team will look into your concerns to facilitate your stay.

Travel With Serenity

Without worrying, discover a new country…

It can be overwhelming to travel to a new country for the first time. We’re here to put your mind at ease and help ensure your vacation is secure, entertaining, and stress-free. When you book with us, you can relax knowing that your accommodations will live up to your expectations. There are no frauds, unpleasant discoveries, or unscrupulous service providers to worry about. The Mauritius.com team ensures that all the hotels and accommodations services we offer meet the highest quality standards on a frequent basis.

Guaranteed cheapest prices and exclusive promotions

Get the best deals on it all…

When you book with us, we always ensure that you get the best price! Our hotels and accommodation rates are the best you can find online, and if you discover better prices and conditions elsewhere, we guarantee that we will do our best to match it. There is nothing to worry about any hidden fees or charges since we provide you hotel prices and quotes in a totally open and transparent manner.

…while remaining within your budgetary considerations

When you book with us, we work hard to stay within your budget. Each of our accommodations provides us with great deals and promotions, and we know what to do to blend them to get you the best deal. We have extensive knowledge regarding the best offers for honeymoons, weddings, and birthday celebrations, which we use and suggest when possible.

Insider insights on how to organize the ideal holiday

With our travel guide, you can plan your trip worry-free…

Our website provides a thorough Mauritius travel guide that contains comprehensive information about the island, and all of the attractions imaginable, as well as useful travel advice, to assist you in organizing your trip. It includes stunning pictures and videos to help you imagine your ideal holiday. Spend some time looking through our interesting Beach Guides around Mauritius to select the best beaches on the islands that you would want to visit!

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