Where to stay in Mauritius 2024? | Best Areas & Hotels

Discover the best areas to stay in Mauritius in 2023. Get insider tips and recommendations to plan your dream holiday in paradise.

Where to stay in Mauritius in 2024?

Are you considering a holiday to Mauritius and trying to figure out your options? Discover the best areas to stay in Mauritius in 2023. Get insider tips and recommendations to plan your dream holiday in paradise.

Are you hoping to travel to Mauritius?

Choosing an appropriate place to stay can be a challenging task. Fortunately, you will not have to go through all of the tedious research. Mauritius.com has compiled and prepared for you a list of the best places to stay throughout your holidays in Mauritius!

Table of Content

  • Best Places to stay in North of Mauritius Island
  • Best Places to stay in the East of Mauritius Island
  • Best Places to stay in the West of Mauritius Island
  • Best Places to stay in the South of Mauritius Island
  • Best Places to stay in the South East of Mauritius Island

Where is the best place to stay in Mauritius Island?

Best Places to stay in North of Mauritius Island

Discover Grand Bay

Grand Bay, a popular tourist attraction with a vibrant party atmosphere at night and a gorgeous beach, will amaze you! Grand Bay village is located in Mauritius island's northern region, roughly 73 kilometres from the airport.

Grand Bay region is pretty much sunny throughout the year, so you can always choose to relax on the beach and take advantage of the pleasant weather. Selecting a place to stay is almost never a problem; depending on your needs and desires; you can book one of the several tourist apartments, villas, or hotels in the area.

Grand Bay and its surroundings offer a multitude of exciting activities and places to visit. With so many facilities and services available, you will have no trouble staying.

You'll have more than enough places to eat, drink, and relax.

The region of Grand Bay provides great restaurants to have delicious meals, ranging from local to international cuisine, according to your preferences.

To satisfy your palate, make a trip to Le Capitaine, Le Tandoor, Boulette Ti Kouloir, Luigi's, Happy Rajah, Bistrot de Bacchus, and many other dining options in the vicinity.

If you want to go shopping, take a trip around the charming shopping malls at La Croisette or in Grand Bay's town centre, where you'll find a plethora of tempting goods. You may also come across shops selling souvenirs and presents.

You can't afford to miss the stunning nightlife, which features some really great DJs and cool nightclubs to make your nightlife experience in Mauritius memorable!

Discover Pereybere

Pereybere is famous for its pristine white beaches, which in itself is around 150 meters long and is frequently visited by locals and tourists. Pereybere beach is situated only a 5-minute bus ride or a 30-minute walk from the heart of Grand Bay, has several beach hawkers, coffee shops, and shops.

This small tourist hub, which is usually congested, provides some really lovely places to relax, as well as a great option for dining and convenient access to amenities such as ATMs, and grocery stores, to mention a few.

You may relax throughout the day or have a nice walk in the afternoon on the very attractive and beautiful Pereybere beach, and afterwards wait for the sun to set to experience a wonderful sunset!

Consider a few of these great activities such as diving, snorkelling, undersea water walks, glass-bottom boat rides, or swimming and sunbathing to add some quality time to your holiday.

At Pereybere, you should also go on a romantic sunset cruise on a catamaran!

There are a lot of different types of accommodations available, from apartments to gorgeous fully equipped hotels and resorts. It is also preferable to book way in advance, particularly during peak holiday seasons, which are typically at the end of the year.

Discover Mont Choisy

Mont Choisy is nestled away from the crowds and liveliness of Grand Bay and Pereybere. Mon Choisy, is situated approximately 65 kilometres from the airport, is perfect for those craving for a calm and discreet getaway.

The Mon Choisy beach, which stretches approximately around 3 kilometres from Trou aux Biches to Pointe aux Canonniers, is also considered as one of the island's longest beaches. It is the prime attraction in the locality, and both Mauritians and tourists frequent it.

Mont Choisy beach is ideal for those who like to sunbathe or swim in the clear blue waters, with its verdant trees on one side and the stunning turquoise sea on the other.

In the afternoon, you can peacefully relax on the beach while enjoying the sunset view. At Mont Choisy time seems to flow at a very slow pace; secluded from the busy life of the cities, Mon Choisy is the perfect spot for a soothing getaway.

Several snack booths, burger trucks, ice cream vendors, and food stalls frequent the beach, especially on weekends, when folks come to enjoy quality time with their loved ones.

From very affordable self-catering to premium accommodations, there is something for everyone. There are elegant villas established in this picturesque location that can accommodate distinguished clients. Hotels or villas with excellent services and dining possibilities are supplied by the majority of the facilities.

Discover Trou Aux Biches

Trou aux Biches is located in the northwestern region of Mauritius, approximately 64 kilometres from Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Airport. This popular tourist spot is famous for its turquoise blue water and white pristine sandy beach, which is recognized as one of the best in the country, as well as the lush tropical vegetation that surrounds it.

This gorgeous beach enhances the surroundings, providing an ideal romantic getaway for lovers. The coral reef at Trou aux Biches is about 250 meters from the shore and is one of Mauritius' greatest snorkelling spots.

The reef, which is home to a variety of aquatic creatures, is easily accessible by swimming nearshore. If you really like diving or snorkelling, the breathtaking underwater aquatic ecosystem will leave you awestruck. When swimming further along the shore, you should be extremely vigilant of the current. The wind typically comes from the coast, making it much harder to return.

Furthermore, this small town has all of the services and amenities that you might need. Grocery stores, pharmacies, and ATM machines can all be found within the vicinity. Affordable studios and apartments to magnificent villas and hotels with golf courses are available in the region. You'll almost certainly come across restaurants serving a wide selection of dishes, many of which have been influenced by Mauritian, European and Asian flavours.

Best Places to stay in the East of Mauritius Island

Discover Belle mare

Belle Mare, nestled away in the island's eastern region, is the ideal place to relax. The alluring Belle Mare beach, along with the top-end resorts and villas, is situated 47.2 kilometres from the SSR international airport and welcomes several travellers all year in this small area of Mauritius island.

The beach, which is ideally surrounded by the coral reef, spreads over several kilometres from the Palmar beach in the south to the Emeraude Hotel in the north region of Mauritius and embraces one of the world best resorts the Lux resort and Constance Prince Maurice.

The small bay with beautiful fine white sand and clear turquoise waters is great for swimming.

In the southern part of the beach, you can sunbathe or swim while engaging in a variety of aquatic sports such as snorkelling, diving and swimming.

Deep-sea fishing for marlin, tuna and mako sharks, which are all popular in the eastern region, is available to fishing sportsmen. Belle Mare is also a good starting point for a hike up Lion Mountain, which reaches 1,575 feet above sea level and provides hikers with spectacular views.

Apart from the numerous interesting activities, there is a multitude of hotels and beautiful villas from which to choose.

Best Places to stay in the West of Mauritius Island

Discover Flic en Flac

Flic en Flac beach is situated on the west coast of Mauritius and has a distance of approximately 50 kilometres from the airport; it is a wonderful place to visit for an enjoyable holiday. Flic en Flac is known as a  fishing town, also called "La côte Soleil," is still in the process of expansion and is strongly recommended for partygoers and tourists.

Flic en Flac has something for everyone, whether you want to spend your holiday with your family, best friend, or spouse. Apartments and studios, complexes, gift shops, and money changers can always be found and are easily accessible. Outside of town, in the Wolmar area, you'll find luxurious resorts and wonderful diving places to experience the area's aquatic life.

The 3 kilometres of absolutely gorgeous fine white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters, reef-protected sea, surrounded by lush verdant trees, commercial areas, banks, casinos, and venues, are the prime attractions.

Find cocktail bars inspired by some of the most famous places around the world, as well as sports pubs, and restaurants, some of which have music and dancing from classic, pop, reggae bands and more local music such as sega and segae the Mauritian version of reggae.

There are electrifying nearby nightclubs buzzing with club music from late until early morning for nighttime entertainment for partygoers.

Best Places to stay in the South of Mauritius Island

Discover Le Morne

You'll definitely never be able to have enough of this enchanting region of Mauritius island. Le Morne, on the island's southwest coast, is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its historical and cultural significance to Mauritian people.

The stunning Le Morne Brabant mountain, which is the area's embodiment, is situated on Mauritius island's farthest south-western extremity. Its peak is at 556 meters (1,824 feet) above sea level, adding to the region's grandeur.

Because the seawater is shallow and adequate for youngsters and even for persons who do not swim regularly, the beaches here are excellent for waddling and swimming. The region is renowned for snorkelling due to the coral reef in front of the seashore. Kite surfing lessons are readily accessible in the neighbourhood, so you may want to try them out.

The picturesque natural views, such as the fine white sandy beach, the tropical beautiful green vegetation, and local fishing communities, will undoubtedly leave you lost for words. The folks who live in this remote location are really polite and friendly. Get a taste of the traditional delicacies at one of the several of street food vendors or restaurants in the area.

There are several accommodations options, such as apartments, studios, villas, and hotels, which are only found at Le Morne, and they will definitely not let you down. The majority of the luxury resorts are located on beautiful sandy beaches and provide high-quality rooms and facilities to their guests in a stylish atmosphere.

Best Places to stay in the South East of Mauritius Island

Discover Blue Bay

Blue Bay is a fantastic holiday spot in Mauritius, located in the southeast of the island, close to Mahebourg. It is well famous for its peaceful atmosphere, sparkling turquoise Blue Bay beach, and well-preserved marine life.

This lovely village is about 15 minutes from Mauritius international airport and provides a breathtaking view of Ile aux Deux Cocos.

Aside from the iconic Blue Bay beach, the Blue Bay Marine Park, which is a protected natural marine reserve, is an excellent spot to do glass-bottom boating, diving, snorkelling, or swimming.

The bay is very accessible, it is a little sanctuary of coral and vibrant colours, fishes in various shapes and sizes, and then you can also appreciate the unique beauty of the truly amazing aquatic species. You can certainly go windsurfing because the appropriate weather and the calm ocean make it a prime spot.

On weekends, the Blue Bay beach can sometimes be very crowded with Mauritians picnicking, giving you the opportunity to connect with them during your trip. You'll also discover lots of good snack vendors selling great local food, or if you're craving something different, there are a number of nearby restaurants to choose from.

However, if you want quiet time away from everyone, you can travel to the absolutely stunning Pointe Désny beach, where you can sunbathe and chill.

There are numerous guest houses, lovely beach bungalows, exquisite hotels, resorts, and luxury villas from which you can choose.

If you're still unsure about your accommodation options, we encourage you to check out our comprehensive listing page on Mauritius Stay for a wide range of choices to suit your needs.

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