Dolphins and Whales Watching Experience | 2022

You can't end your perfect tropical vacation in Mauritius without having a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with dolphins and whales! 

Experience an exciting outdoor discovery with dolphins and whales

You cannot end your perfect tropical getaway without a lifetime encounter with dolphins and whales!

Our climate is perfect to find those magical creatures from the west coast of Mauritius, most precisely near Tamarin or Le Morne Peninsula.

Onboard for a smooth ride to experience a mesmerizing seascape that always starts early mornings.

The skippers are friendly, helpful and always ensure that the security measures and guidelines are respected, right from the beginning.

Dolphins watching is always a pleasure to the eyes. It is a wonderful opportunity to observe the Spinner and Bottlenose dolphins in their natural aquatic habitat.

Get your swimming equipment ready so that you can go snorkelling and dive deep among sea turtles and among the splendid diversity of marine plants.

And, of course! Have a spectacular swim with all the friendly dolphins around!

Imagine being on a boat amidst the cobalt blue ocean and there is nothing around – not even an island. All you can hear are the birds chirping, the waves crashing violently and silence.

And, out of the blue, a breathtaking view of the sperm whale emerges to the surface! Humpback whales, pilot whales, and sperm whales can be easily spotted from July to November.

Get ready to be jaw-dropped by those gigantic and exquisite marine creatures in their little world!

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