Memorable Helicopter Exploration Mauritius | 2022

Explore the beauty of our island right from the sky with an exclusive helicopter sightseeing tour! This could be the highlight of your holiday in Mauritius!

Helicopter sightseeing and exploration of Mauritius island right up the sky!

Table of Content

  • Trou Aux Cerfs
  • Underwater waterfall

What’s more awesome to get live aerial footage of our mesmerizing country? This could be the highlight of your vacation in Mauritius!

You will experience the extraordinary kaleidoscope of colours of Chamarel, followed by the natural wonders of Mauritius.

Trou Aux Cerfs

From green sugar plantations to a breathtaking view of Trou aux Cerfs, our dormant volcanic crater, this amazing helicopter tour will leave you awestruck.

A panorama of magnificent landscapes and lagoons will be on your itinerary.

Helicopter Sightseeing Underwater waterfall

As your helicopter tour goes near the southwest of the island, you will witness an unparalleled view of the unique and spectacular underwater waterfall.

This incredible and out of ordinary phenomenon, also known as the optical illusion is located near the UNESCO World Heritage site of Le Morne Brabant.

This memorable aerial tour will offer you bird-eye views on majestic blue waterfalls, green mountains, turquoise lagoons, Coin de Mire, and Flat island and pristine coastlines.

This exclusive journey of yours can even start right from the airport to your hotel. We have tailor-made packages to provide you with a thrilling adventure to experience the beauty of the island.

Jump on board for an exciting adventure for a one in a lifetime opportunity!

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