Explore 4 of Mauritius' islets for a complete tropical experience

The island's tropical climate makes it easier to visit amazing natural islets around Mauritius and have a wonderful family adventure.

Discover the islets of Mauritius!

Mauritius tropical climate makes it easier for us to visit amazing and natural islets around us and have a wonderful family adventure. You will find various vendors selling souvenirs and locally produced goods in Mauritius across the seashore on those islands. Sumptuous meals (BBQ, salads, dessert and even vegetarian food!) are freshly prepared by the tour guides to spice up your journey!

Ile aux Cerfs

One of the most famous island attractions is Ile aux Cerfs, located near the east coast of Mauritius. Not only can you spend a calming vacation there, but you can also participate in exhilarating activities such as parasailing and snorkelling in the rich marine fauna.

Ile aux Benitiers

This islet has an attractive beach with gorgeous stretches of sand. On your way to the island, you will have a breathtaking encounter with the Crystal Rock. Crystal Rock is a natural formation that rises above the ocean’s surface.

Ile aux aigrettes

Get excited to immerse yourself in this rare wildlife adventure. Located in the southeast of Mauritius, this islet represents a nature reserve and is protected by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. Accompanied by an expert, you will be guided around the island to observe day geckos, giant tortoises and other reptiles in their natural habitat!

Ilot Gabriel

Hop on for a smooth sail to Ilot Gabriel! Surrounded by luminous waters and beautiful coral reefs, Ilot Gabriel is the perfect island to give your tired feet a little rest and relax with your family.

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