Mauritius Welcomes You With Open Arms

Mauritius plays host to numerous natural and manmade attractions, offering a glimpse of its rich cultural heritage through its local music and language.

Mauritius is waiting for you to discover it!

Culture and Authenticity

Awe-Inspiring Mauritius

Mauritius plays host to numerous natural and manmade attractions, offering a glimpse of its rich cultural heritage. The history of the island is as fascinating as the people themselves.

Travellers who take time to learn about the island’s blended cultures will be amazed by the intricacy of its diversity.

The island’s unique cultural identity is shaped by European colonialists, African slave heritage and Indian and Chinese Indentured workers. Traditions and customs influence worship, architecture and artistic expressions.

Much more than a holiday hotspot. A Cultural destination!

The Sega dance and music, typically Mauritian, has its roots from Africa and the Bhojpuri songs from India. Since the days of slavery, the Sega has been a form of recreation.

It is characterised by its fast rhythms and the ravane beats, a typical goatskin musical instrument. Sega dance involves an energetic swaying of hips.

In Mauritius, kids playing on the streets may be heard drumming a box or passengers on buses humming a popular Sega song.

Today there is a complex cultural blend to be heard in local music with vocal styles of modern rap, Indian influences and the flavours of local stories.

What makes mauritius unique

Sega is sung in Creole, a pidgin language that is almost 200 years old. Creole evolved out of necessity during colonial times. It is tinted by French, English, Hindi and African languages. Creole is widely spoken across the island and most Mauritians also speak French and English.

The linguistic appeal of Creole has not always been appreciated. It was associated with the labour class until recently where the younger generation has started to recognise its significance in the local culture.

While Mauritius retains French language from its colonial past, local habits besides the English language, seem to have been influenced by the British colonialism.

Cup of hot tea with milk in the morning and in the afternoon is a ritual in all Mauritian homes. While it is not served with scones, bread and cheddar are must-haves.

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