Museums in Mauritius top 3 to visit for history enthusiasts

Museums in Mauritius have preserved our cultural heritage over the years across different locations. Come and discover the island's captivating story!

Discovery of museums in Mauritius

Table of Content 

  • National History Museum
  • Frederik Hendrik Museum
  • Natural History Museum

Mauritius was formed by a volcanic eruption 10 million years ago, Mauritius was first discovered in the 16th century. From there, it opened doors to rich multicultural stories till we got our independence in 1968. Our country has preserved its cultural heritage in various museums across the island.

Step into the captivating history of Mauritius through the museums below:

National History Museum

Known as Chateau Gheulde or Maison Robillard. This old French colonial country house was built around 1772.

Revisit the battle of the French and British navy through the museum through a collection of prints, paintings, miniature sculptures, and old documents from a famous Mauritian artist, Prosper d’Epinay

Visiting hours:

– Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 09 00 am to 16 00 pm – Wednesday: 11 00 am to 16 00 pm – Sunday and Public Holiday: 09 00 am to 12 00 pm

Frederik Hendrik Museum

Constructed by the dutch sailors, this Vieux Grand Port Historic Site contains graffiti depicting 18th & 19th-century ships. You can catch sight of the ruins of the first Catholic Church established by Mahé de Labourdonnais in 1737.

Explore the permanent exhibition in the Main Hall where building materials (cannonballs, stones), potteries, clay pipes, and food remains of tortoises, shells among others are displayed.

Visiting hours:

– Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 09 00 am to 16 00 pm – Wednesday: 11 00 am to 16 00 pm – Sunday: 09 00 am to 12 00 pm – Public Holiday: Closed

Natural History Museum

Get acquainted with our history with the oldest museum in Mauritius! Situated right in the capital (in front of Jardin de la Compagnie ), Port Louis, the museum has 3 galleries. The first one educates visitors about endemic animals such as the Dodo bird and Rodrigue Solitaire bird.

The second gallery is about marine life (fish, sharks, crabs) and you will find a very rare urchin named “ Acanthocidaris curvastispina ” and if you are into geology, the third gallery will fascinate you with an illuminated model of a volcano.

Visiting Hours:

– Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 09 00 am to 16 00 pm – Wednesday: 11 00 am to 16 00 pm – Saturday: 09 00 am to 12 00 pm – Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed

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