Natural Wonders of Mauritius Idyllic Scenery

Mauritius is wrapped in a wealth of natural wonders ranging from majestic volcanic mountain ranges to fine sandy beaches fringing its coastline and islets.

Mauritius Beyond Postcard Views

Mauritius is wrapped in a wealth of natural landscapes ranging from majestic volcanic mountain ranges to crater lakes. However, most advertised pictures of the island display the fine sandy beaches fringing its coastline and islets.

They’re much more to discover than these idyllic postcard ocean views. The island is blessed with many other natural wonders and interesting phenomena such as Chamarel’s seven-coloured earth and invigorating waterfalls.

Natural Richness And Diversity In The Wild South

The south of the island is often referred to as the wild south. This is reflective of its lush green nature, waterfalls and rich tropical fauna and flora.

You can immerse yourself in the Black River Gorges National Park for bird-watching or hiking. Its hiking trails lead to peaks with stunning views of the ocean. A short drive further, discover the breathtaking views of the geological phenomenon of Chamarel’s seven-coloured earth. Chamarel is also famous for its 83-metre waterfall.

A similar attraction, La Vallee des Couleurs with more than twenty colours of earth swirling in the heart of verdant grounds and surrounded by several beautiful waterfalls, is at a few minutes drive from Chamarel.

We cannot leave the south without visiting the crater lake of Grand-Bassin, also called Ganga Talao, viewed as the local Ganges, where thousands of pilgrims come to pay homage to Lord Shiva during Maha Shivaratri, a Hindu festival held in the month of February. It is surrounded by temples and shrines. It is also known for having giant awe-inspiring statues of Indian deities.

Glorious Nature

There are multiple natural hidden treasures such as Gris Gris. Gris Gris (Grey Grey) or Gri Gri (amulet), also located in the south of the island, close to Souillac, with a twin city in Dordogne in France and which is also the home place of the late poet Robert Edward Hart.

In this particular area of the island, there is no coral barrier, and the surging waves are spectacular especially on windy days.

The southwest coast of the island is historical and hosts many attractions but also possesses a wealth of natural and enchanting sights.

We are busy hand-picking places we would like you to see in that area.  Stay tuned.

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