3 great places in Mauritius to visit

Enjoy the beauty of Mauritius island. We’ve put together these top 3 places in Mauritius you can visit during your holidays on the island.

Places in Mauritius to visit: The Top 3

Table of Content

  • Beaches of Mauritius
  • 42 market street
  • Mahogany Shopping Promenade

We hope you will have a wonderful stay in your Covid safe hotel with all the facilities available. Once outside of your hotel, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of our tropical island. We’ve put together the top 3 places to visit during your stay in Mauritius.

With the recommended protocols in place, we are all getting ready to welcome guests to different parts of the islands. Rest assured that whenever you go, sanitary precautions will be in place.

Beaches of Mauritius

The first thing that’s on our list is to jump in the crystal clear water with amazing coral reefs and enjoy the sea activities. We are sure that you missed our sandy beaches! Relax under the palm trees and enjoy sunbathing at our public beaches. You can book water activities such as snorkelling, glass-bottom or stand-up paddles with the professionals.

Don’t forget to contemplate the natural beauty of sunset views from the beach!

42 market street

42 market street is the new destination at Bagatelle mall where you will meet our local businesses with their authentic products. It’s an initiative to support our local entrepreneurs and increase their brand visibility on the market. The decor and concept have been well-thought and designed to provide visitors with a memorable experience.

From food outlets to tattoo artists, you can be sure that you will not be bored!

Mahogany Shopping Promenade

Imagine shopping by a sparkling lake in the middle of city life? This is the ultimate and unique experience that Mahogany shopping mall offers! Recently built in Beau Plan, Mahogany hosts 52 shops with restaurants and living areas. You will even have the opportunity to look at the 100-year old Mahogany tree or sit by the lake. Perfect for taking amazing pictures with your family!

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