Sega dance discover Mauritius traditional music

The sega dance originated from the African beats and is loved by all! It represents how Mauritians live together in harmony.

Discover The Sega One of Mauritius Traditional Musics

The Mauritian Sega

Sega our traditional music originated from the African beats is loved by all!

The essence of this music consists of using handcrafted instruments like the ravanne, and the triangle which goes along with the original verses. Needless to say, our music has brought together the diverse cultures in Mauritius; Hindi, Bhojpuri, Creole, French, English and has evolved over many years as “seggae”.

“Seggae” was invented by Kaya, which is a mix of Sega and Reggae. Since then, many other local musicians and artists have adapted it to their own taste of music.

The Sega Dance

From big festivals to weddings, you will find the spectacular dance performed by our local artists.

Even on every beach during the weekends, Mauritians will dance to those traditional beats under the filao and palm trees; anyone can join in!

There are no sega dance classes for the sega; Mauritians created their own dancing steps to the rhythms of the musical instruments.

The Sega dance is always vibrant and colourful with the artists wearing attires of our Mauritian flag and provides a symbolic feeling to all our communities.

The fact that every culture in our country can appreciate this traditional music together shows how Mauritians live together in harmony

Share with us – have you ever assisted a Sega dance before?

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