Discover The Top 3 Street Foods In Mauritius | 2022

Today we take you on a trip to discover three of the best street foods that the paradise island called Mauritius has to offer. Get ready for a culinary trip.

Brace yourselves for a street food galore around Mauritius

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  • Briyani
  • Boulettes
  • Roti

Today we take you on a trip to discover three of the best street foods that the paradise island of Mauritius has to offer. Read on and remember to keep the names of these local favourites in mind!

On your next holiday to the Republic of Mauritius, you should make it a must to indulge in local delicacies from the best restaurants!

However, we do admit that food that you will come across as you roam around the bustling streets are those that will really tickle your taste buds. Here are three street foods that you would like to look out for:

The Street Briyani

On your stay in Mauritius, you will surely hear about a famous dish called ‘Briyani’ from locals you speak to. From its humble origins in India to the streets of this tropical island, the recipe might have experienced some slight alterations.

However, rest assured, it only got better and is widely available in cities like Port Louis, Curepipe or Quatre Bornes. The smell of spices and precisely cooked rice, meat (chicken, lamb or fish) and potatoes will lure you. Enjoy this meal it is one of the best street foods and you will remember it!

Dumpling Soup or Bouillon Boulettes

If you happen to be in Mauritius during the winter days, you simply cannot refuse a steamy bowl of Chinese/Mauritian dumpling soup one of the best street foods you can find in Mauritius! These soft flavoury chunks come in several shapes, and taste and locals usually have this soothing starter piping hot with vinegar, chilli and soy sauces and a sprinkle of chopped spring onions. It’s a must-have from Mauritian streets!

Roti or Flat Bread

For a cheap, tasty and really accessible street food for lunch on the go, we suggest that you look for a Roti stall! The latter is often found around busy street corners and it’s actually a flatbread with fillings like butter bean curry, stewed taro leaves, ‘rougaille’ (tomato-based sauce), pickles and chilli sauce. Our advice is to opt for it all and enjoy what’s often considered a local favourite!

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