Top 3 thrilling adventures to experience in Mauritius

Take a look at the top 3 adrenaline-seeking and thrilling adventures you can enjoy during your holidays in Mauritius.

Experience thrilling adventures in Mauritius

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  • Thrill Mountain at Casela Nature Park
  • Dodo Quests
  • Quad Biking at La Valley des Couleurs

Mauritius is surely recognized for its sandy beaches and the best destination for relaxation. But there are also amazing places for adrenaline lovers. Take a look at the top thrilling adventures you can experience in Mauritius while on your vacation.

Thrill Mountain at Casela Nature Park

Casela nature park is one of the most popular attractions on the island to enjoy thrilling adventures. And the biggest zip line park for thrill-seekers is here! Casela offers the following activities:

Canyon Swing: jump from a platform of 45 meters 400M Zipline and 4 ziplines Nepalese Bridge: another daring walk on a wiggly bridge Via Ferrata Canyon tour which is a hiking journey to the top of the mountain

Dodo Quests

Find the key to your escape rooms within 59 minutes! Dodo quests offer 5 rooms where you can challenge yourself with your friends and families, solve riddles and locate special items.

Buried: imagine you and your friend in a coffin with your eyes blindfolded and only one chance to escape. Prison Break: Locked away in a prison cell with handcuffs! You have to find the key and escape before the jailors find you. Mental hospital: Mad neighbours and strange experiments; what’s not to like? Save the last Dodo: Free the last remaining Dodo and the birds before the hunter gets back with his gun Mystery of Pierre Poivre: Find the gold nut among the spices and plant it before time runs out!

Quad Biking at La Valley des Couleurs

A thrilling adrenaline rush activity in nature that will leave you speechless at la valley de couleurs. Ride through the valleys and among tortoises, deer’s and peacocks. You can also contemplate the four waterfalls namely Cascade Vacoas, Cascade Bois de Natte, Cascade Cheveux d’Ange and Cascade Chamouzé in their natural setting without forgetting the endemic plants and our local Flora and Fauna.

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