Street food Top 5 Popular in Mauritius. Enjoy the taste!

The mix of ethnicities is what makes Mauritius culinary heaven. Enjoy the fabulous street food of Mauritius which is as fabulous as restaurant dishes.

For the foodies discover the top street food in Mauritius

One of the perks of being a multicultural country is enjoying the diversity of food with a unique combination of Chinese, Indian, Creole, French and African blend. Quench your hunger with the best street food below which is as fabulous as our restaurant dishes.

Roti & Dholl Puri

Dholl Puri is definitely our national dish. Made with thin flatbread stuffed with yellow split peas, it is served with curry, rougaille, chutney and pickles.

It was first produced by Indian immigrants and has embodied our Mauritian touch. Roti & Dholl Puri has become the most famous and favourite street food among both locals and travellers.


The briyani a fragrant rice dish with spices, potatoes and can be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian (meat, beef, fish). It’s different from the traditional biryani in India as it is less spicy but that’s what makes it unique in our Mauritian culture!

Gateaux Piments

Often called “chilli cakes”, they are made from yellow split peas and are crispy from the outside. This typical Mauritian snack tastes amazingly good for breakfast accompanied with a hot tea or as an afternoon snack with hot sauce.

Noodles & Dumplings

They are called “ Mine Bouille ” and “ Boulette ” in our Mauritian language.

Another popular street food among locals is prepared quickly and can be eaten every day!

The Chinese dumplings(fish, beef, chicken, prawn or vegetarian) are part of the Sino-Mauritian cuisine; also known as dim-sum.

The mix of ethnicities is what makes Mauritius culinary heaven.

What’s the best street food you tasted during your trip to Mauritius?

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