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Divali symbolises victory over spiritual darkness – 2021

September 2, 2021


Colours, Sights and Sounds

Cultural Mauritius

Mauritius offers the possibility of sinking into the local culture with its various religious and non-religious celebrations, overwhelmed with colours, sights, sounds and tastes.

Beyond its splendid white beaches and fine luxury resorts, festivals are a great way to experience the local culture of the island as they showcase typical art, music and food, revealing the country’s rich diversity and its history.


Anyone looking for a cultural experience in the month of October or November in Mauritius should not miss Divali, the festival of lights. Indian cake-tasting, fireworks, spectacular shows are just some of the things to enjoy during this heritage festival.


Divali is the biggest and brightest Hindu festival celebrated in Mauritius. At dawn, Mauritians of Indian origin, join in the tradition of baking vegetarian Indian delicacies that they share with neighbours, family and friends.

At dusk, all houses, yards and staircases are lit with diyas which are earthen lamps and electric lights fringe window frames, and are wrapped around trees, instilling a festive ambience.

Home entrances bear hand-made rangolis, in which patterns are created with ground rice and coloured flour, an art form originating from the Indian sub-continent, believed to bring good luck.

Divali symbolises victory over spiritual darkness and is observed as a national holiday.

Happy Divali!

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