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Wonderful Golf Experience In Mauritius

September 2, 2021


Golfing in Mauritius

Located in the cosy azure water of the Indian Ocean lies the gorgeous tropical island of Mauritius.

Mauritius is renowned for its vast expanses of beautiful white-sanded beaches, warm temperatures and pleasant climate all year round, which provides an excellent environment for golf and a great golf holiday.

Nowadays golf has become one of the top sports in Mauritius and one of the main attractions for visitors to the island.

Experience Mauritius Golf Courses

Golf has been practised in Mauritius since 1902, when the Gymkhana Golf Club was first to be inaugurated by the British. One of the oldest golf club in the southern hemisphere and the world is the Mauritius Gymkhana Golf Club.

The golf courses in Mauritius are devised in such a way to assess the competence and accuracy of golfers. From bushes to bunkers and from water hazards to nails concealed by greenery foliage, the golf courses in Mauritius offer a breathtaking experience in a gorgeous natural setting.

Lots of these golf courses offer a stunning experience with sea views and open coastal landscapes.

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