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Tropical Attitude Hotel – An Unforgettable Stay| 2022

March 4, 2022

Tropical Attitude Hotel


A collection of secluded pavilions come together to shape a luxurious private oasis on Mauritius Island called Tropical Attitude hotel. This contemporary retreat offers amazing views of the Coral Sea and Whitsunday Islands in a serene atmosphere perfect for leaving the wash of urban chaos behind for a perfect stay.

With an open sequence of spaces, this cluster of private handcrafted pavilions is in a unique setting. There’s no dearth of spacious and luxurious resorts in Tropical Attitude hotel that will spoil you.

The Rooms

Tropical Attitude Hotel has 58 rooms and 11 villas with suites facing the scenic ocean and offering you a picturesque view. The hotel even has family residence rooms. However, if you are a group of friends travelling together and happen to choose Tropical Attitude hotel, then the spacious suite will be a good choice, considering the plenty of room it offers you. Comfortable and well-decorated with lovely pools, the hotel has been rated as excellent by a majority of tourists.

The Villas

The Beachfront views are something to really look forward to. With the lush blue ocean stretched out in front of you, under the warm hues of the glimmering sunset, you truly are far from the maddening crowd of the world. Its bedroom pool villas and air-conditioned provide you with modern amenities and a refreshing environment. You also have access to your own private pool in this villa. The Deluxe rooms, on the other hand, have spacious rooms with designer bathrooms.

The Activities

Tropical attitude hotel offers a wide of land as well as water activities like table tennis, meditation, tai-chi, outdoor gym, board games.

Water activities like big game fishing, glass-bottom boat, catamaran days, boat shuttle, free diving, PADI diving centre. Enjoy services such as body scrub, body wrap, facials, Ayurvedic treatments, and more at the spa.

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