Why Mauritius should be your next travel holiday?

Mauritius is beyond a lost gem with amazing resorts. It’s a vibrant crossroads of cultures, colours, food and smiles worthy of your holidays.

Plan the perfect holidays in Mauritius

Mauritius is beyond that lost gem with amazing resorts in the Indian Ocean. It’s a vibrant crossroad of cultures, colours, food and smiles.

A picturesque drive across the island offering shimmering ocean views to unusual scenery of great beauty and variety will allow you to capture the real feel of island life and enjoy fantastic holidays.

Things to do during your Holidays in Mauritius

Popular things to do, including living history with a trip back in time to historic heritage sites, botanical gardens, forts and museums.

If you are a nature-lover, Mother Nature will beguile your senses as you explore lush peaks or the exotic marine life, swim with dolphins and walk in the national parks.

For a cultural experience, make sure you visit Port-Louis, the Capital city where the best of the old and new meet, displaying charming signs of the colonial past and the ordinary hustle and bustle of big towns.

The captivating allure of the island is ensconced in blissful beachside relaxation on flawless stretches of white sand. Whether you choose to glamp, to stay in a golf or beach resort or in a self-catering villa or apartment, Mauritius has so much to offer.

Adventure tours will take you far off the beaten path from quad-biking and spine-tingling lion encounters to catamaran trips and ziplining. Tasting the rich flavours inspired by Indian, African, Asian and European cuisines adds to the charm of Mauritian hospitality.

Once upon Mauritius

The wild outdoors, sun-kissed beaches and other local charms provide the perfect setting for photography, bird watching, scuba diving and kite surfing for endless memories.

Mauritius is also unarguably a stunning holidays destination for romance and weddings. It is a haven to numerous sumptuous venues where new couples can start a new journey under the sapphire-blue sky, with swaying coconut trees.

Stay tuned to get a better taste of local life…in Mauritius.

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